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Energy Conservation Solutions

Advanced Energy Dynamics provides turn-key solutions that lower an organization's electricity costs, increase equipment life by up to 50%, reduce carbon emissions, eliminate power surges and sags, and can improve overall power quality.

This innovative, cost-effective technology has already helped more than 80,000 organizations save money and reduce harmful emissions. Will yours be next?

Heat Loss

By evaluating your facilities electrical systems, we can design an individual system that helps to eliminate the waste that is emitted from your systems. Electrical systems are made up of many individual bits and pieces. These components work together to conduct the electrical current that is necessary for the many electrical loads in a facility.

Inefficiencies in electrical systems cause the components to emit wasteful heat. This type of waste can make up 5% to 30% of a total facilities electrical demand. We can correct your organizations’ loss from excess heat with our equipment. Less heat, means cooler motors, cooler motors mean less work, lower electric bills and longer life span of the motors.

Power Quality

Many facilities have problems with harmonics, which simply is a distorted electrical current. Harmonic current is made up of a current drawn at frequencies well above the frequency of the utility electrical supply. Poor power quality can result in higher costs and can have potentially damaging effects on the equipment.

We offer a array of products ranging from passive filters to active harmonics correction devices that detect and correct harmonics.

Lighting Correction

In our solutions for lighting correction, we offer the latest lighting technologies as well as lighting controllers designed for almost all types of lights and ballasts that can lower your energy costs WITHOUT replacing existing fixtures. Our solutions can be installed at panels, circuit breakers, or even in the lights themselves. The savings related to treating lighting generally runs in the 15%-35% range, of the lighting loads without a proportionate drop in light level.

Electrical System Work

In some cases, our engineers may find electrical system issues such as unbalanced voltages and loose connections in a facility. These can also contribute to system inefficiencies. We can often perform corrective actions if requested by the customer, which will lead to more energy costs savings and help prevent future electrical system problems.

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