We will reduce your company's emissions.


Our multiple technologies have been around for 30 years helping organizations just like you lower your carbon footprint.

An organizations carbon footprint is a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide or CO2 emitted through the combustion of fossil fuels. We have the ability to measure the reduction after instillation of our equipment, which in turn will allow you to be eligible for government tax credits.

Operation Benefits


  • Overall kWh savings up to 30%
  • Increased unit productivity attributed to lower Motor Related Facility Downtime
  • Increased Electrical Capacity by 5-20%
  • Cooler Facility due to Reduced Heat and Friction
  • Increased Plant Safety


  • Extended Lifespan
  • Lower Running Temperatures of up to 40%
  • Reduced Maintenance Cost and Labor

Financial Benefits

  • Reduced Electricty Bill
  • Reduced Motor Maintenance and Replacement Costs by 35%
  • ROI of 33% or greater
  • Immediate and tangibly measured
  • Increased NOI - Increased Enterprise Value

Energy Conservation

  • True Energy Conservation - Reduction of Carbon Footprint
  • "Green" Marketability
  • Applicability for LEED certification

Design Overview

AED Clients benefit from a customized design that optimizes kWh savings taking a holistic approach to improving electrical efficiencies for the following loads:

1. Equipment
3. Refrieration
4. Lighting
5. Motors

We provide true energy conservation in that we reduce the current being drawn through all of these elements of your facility to lower the total wattage being emitted as waste heat throughout the entire buildings electrical system.

No change in daily operation

All of our equipment is professionally installed by our engineers and requires no maintenance. It is our turn-key approach, that helps make the installation process and the life of the equipment an easy way to save energy and money. Our equipment works in tandem with an organizations existing systems, will not interfere with the actual workings of the motors at any level. Our equipment requires zero maintenance, and comes with a three year warranty.

Advanced Energy Dynamics' technology exceeded our expectations. We are still experiencing electricity savings above and beyond what they guaranteed us. Not only are we thrilled with the savings, but their team continues to be a complete pleasure to work with; they are knowledgeable, dedicated, and very customer-service oriented. I highly recommend them!

Lauren Bauer
Vice President, Elm Street Development

We will reduce your company's emissions

Advanced Energy Dynamics takes a facility-wide approach to designing and installing its custom energy savings and power quality improvement systems.

We analyze your complete electrical distribution and power quality issues in your entire facility. We then design a custom system that makes the individual components more efficient, almost entirely eliminating waste without causing a reduced equipment efficiency.

We can do all this without replacing any of your existing electrical equipment. We will manage the entire project from survey to installation in a timely and efficient manner, so you can continue to focus on the operations of your facility and the core competencies of your company.

Advanced Energy Dynamics WILL...

  • Reduce or eliminate distribution losses
  • Cancel or mitigate harmonic current
  • Reduce voltage sags/swells and flickering
  • Cancel reactive current required by facility loads
  • Reduce power demanded by air conditioning and refrigeration
  • Reduce power demanded by lighting
  • Reduce equipment maintenance and replacement cost
  • Reduce current spikes
  • Eliminate power factor penalty
  • Reduce demand penalty
  • Increase electrical capacity
  • Install equipment that has a mean time between failures of 180,000 + Hours

Advanced Energy Dynamics WON'T...

  • Cause disruptions in the facility
  • Require the customers maintenance support during product installation
  • Cause any disruption in the customers equipment if our product stops working

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